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APD Screening

If you think you or your child exhibits symptoms associated with difficulty in auditory processing, please fill in the APD screening questionnaire to know if you are a candidate for APD assessment.

AudiPro APD Screening Questionnaire

APD Screening Questionnaire

You can access the questionnaire by clicking on the icon. The questionnaire form will open in a new window.

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APD Assessment

We perform a detailed assessment of auditory processing function. The entire testing process usually takes up to 1 hour. Since auditory processing difficulties and symptoms vary widely from one person to another and also across age groups, you will receive a complete assessment program which includes a series of tests designed to evaluate auditory processing skills in different areas. This assessment will take into account your responses from the screening questionnaire, along with a personal consultation and will be performed by an audiologist who has received specialized training in assessing and treating APD.

We do APD assessment and therapy for children and adults, and currently offer our services online. You can register for an assessment or therapy session with us, which is conducted via live video conferencing to provide you or your child with a comfortable, interactive experience similar to a clinical setting.

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APD Therapy

Following the APD assessment, the audiologist will discuss therapy procedures for improving specific auditory processing skills. These procedures involve various kinds of activities like phoneme recognition and phonemic synthesis training, training to improve word recognition in noisy background, improving short-term auditory memory, etc.

We would also enroll candidates for therapy into computer-based training programs for self-practice at home.

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